Renee Knake is an author and law professor. She regularly consults on matters related to lawyer/judicial ethics, innovation in legal services, gender diversity in leadership roles, and the first amendment and lawyer speech. Her book Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court will be published by New York University Press in 2020.

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Advance Praise for Shortlisted: Women in the Shadows of the Supreme Court

Bar Association of Queensland and Women’s Law Society of Queensland Event, Attorney Jamie Shine

Last week I was astonished to learn that there have only been 4 women ever appointed to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. But before these women was a long list of ‘shortlisted’ meritorious women. Thank you to Renee Newman Knake for delivering this engaging and informative presentation. We can’t wait for this to be published.

Law College of Victoria Event, CEO Madeleine Dupuche

The brilliant Renee Newman Knake delivered a thought provoking lecture on her Shortlisted Project. Can’t wait to read the book, due for publication in early 2020.

Southeast Association of Law Schools Session Summary — Shortlisted: Lessons Learned, Professor Corinna Lain

Thursday’s panel on Hannah Brenner and Renee Knake’s forthcoming book, Shortlisted, was one of the highlights of the SEALS programming this year.  As Howard Katz said during the Q&A, “I’m so glad I didn’t just go home after my last panel.  There’s always one panel at SEALS that makes the whole thing worthwhile and this is it.” … If you missed the session, you did miss something special, but more special than the panel is Brenner and Knake’s Shortlisted, which I highly recommend reading when it comes out next spring. … Shortlisted is fresh, timely, and written in a way readers will love. It’s a great book.